Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who from First Code Academy will be accompanying the students during the trip? 

We will have 1 full time staff from First Code Academy and 1 teaching assistant for every 10 students. 

2. Who will be running the workshops and activities?  

They will be run by First Code staff and some of the facilitators in the sites that we visit.

3. Where will the students stay? 

  • First Code will arrange accommodations for students

  • Students will stay with First Code staff in pre-arranged housing

  • Exact housing to be confirmed

4. Do parents need to accompany their child? 

For younger students, parents can choose to accompany their child during the international flights. Throughout the duration of the study tour, we ask that parents do not accompany their child. This is an immersive experience for students to learn to be more independent.

5. Is it safe for my child to go alone? 

If a child has taken international flights on his/her own before, then the flight portion will be fine.

Please note that First Code will not be responsible for the safety of the kids before they arrive at and after they depart from San Francisco International Airport.

6. Who are the students going to present their projects to at the end of the camp? 

The company with the team that provided to problem for the students to design solutions for will watch their presentations.

7. What does the group insurance cover? 


  • Short-term travel medical insurance 

  • Coverage for groups 

  • Maximum Limits Per Period of Coverage: HK$100,000  

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