Study Tour to Silicon Valley

2020 Summer

Study Tour to Silicon Valley is a 14-day camp where students will have a unique opportunity to experience life in Silicon Valley, meet like-minded innovative individuals and create code up projects to solve real-life problems in the community.


Through workshops and site visits, students will level up their computer programming skills, learn about the fundamentals of design thinking and prototyping, and apply their technical skills.


Through workshops and site visits, students learn how to apply their technical skills to a specific case, learn about the key frameworks in design thinking and rapid prototyping, and apply it to their project. They will then present at the end of the camp.

Trip Highlights

  • Experience life in Silicon Valley, the startup hub of the world

  • Meet other students from different cities and make lifelong friends

  • Work closely with a top technology company to solve one of their problems

  • Tour technology companies’ campus including Google, Facebook or LinkedIn*

*Or similar consumer oriented technology companies. Subject to partner availability


Learning Outcomes


Theoretical Outcomes :

  • Students will learn the fundamentals of various coding laguages

  • Students will build their prototype with the customer development process

  • Students will create their presentation slides, practice presentation skills and present their solutions

Tangible Portfolio Outcomes :

  • 2-3 coding projects

  • 3-4 completed Design Thinking projects

  • Digital copy of the final project

  • Certification of course completion

Trip Details

​Trip Dates:

  • July 13-25, 2020 


  • 10-15 years old

  • Comfortable in an all-English environment

What's Included:

  • 40 hours of coursework 
  • Accommodation at the University of California, Berkeley for 13 nights (staff to stay with students)

  • Meals for 14 days 

  • Activities and workshop materials for 14 days

  • Museums entrance tickets

  • Group travel and health insurance 

  • Local transportation throughout the 2 weeks

  • 1:10 staff to accompany students 


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